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Mean1 MMA Fitness on the West Side

We stopped by Mean1 MMA west this week to check out a couple of the classes. It was actually my first visit to the west side location. It was cool to see some well structured classes that carefully incorporated all skill levels. Pro fighters trained alongside amateurs, youth, and females; no one was cut any slack and all received lots of one on one attention. I need to quit dropping in on these classes before someone makes my lazy butt take one.

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The teamwork and work ethic of all the pros at Mean1 spills into the class in an awesome way; Even the pro fighters attending the class were eager to help other students.  With winning coaches like Chris Avila, and Chris Luttrell, and winning fighters like Conrad Padilla, Lionel lanhan, Rich Chavez, and Adrian Cruz not  just in attendance, but teaching, it’s easy to see, and learn proven techniques for conditioning and fighting, or even just fitness. Mean1 west is located on Southern Blvd, in Rio Rancho.

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