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Tim “Dirty Bird” Means preps For UFC on Fuel

I was lucky enough last weekend to talk with Tim Means, post training session with coach Tom Vaughn, and mid photo shoot, about his upcoming UFC fight, training, life, family and everything in between.

Tim’s Current record is 16-3-1, with 75% of those victories by TKO. He currently holds both the Junior
Welterweight and Lightweight belts in King of the Cage. I had an opportunity to sit cage side at one of Tim’s recent KOTC fights where he gave opponent Mario Ramos his pilot’s license with a take down that had some serious hang time, followed by a lightning fast TKO. If you’ve never seen one of the Dirty Bird’s fights, prepare for a show. On the heels of a 7 fight winning streak, the call to the big leagues came in the form of the UFC.

Tim is currently preparing for his UFC debut on February 15th against the Australian Bernard Maglhaes, in the first ever UFC on Fuel TV event. This upcoming fight comes less than a month after his 1st round TKO victory over Tye Brown @ KOTC Total Destruction. Mean’s doesn’t feel the short notice is an issue, due to his intense training and nutrition regimen, he’s ready anytime. Tim’s level of fitness, and professionalism as a fighter and athlete have hit an all-time high over the last 3 years; in fact, a lot has changed for Tim over the last few years. Tim’s life and fighting career have been a raging river, full of twists and turns, obstacles, and gone in many directions; but like any river, has always kept moving forward…no matter what.

Means started fighting professionally in 2004 at Albuquerque’s FIT NHB under the tutelage of Tom and Arlene Vaughn. (Tom is now also the head coach at Arizona’s Power MMA, but we’ll talk about that in another article). Sometime after 2005 things took a detour that landed Means in some legal trouble. While the detour was hard and took a little longer than he had hoped, Tim emerged a different person, and kept moving forward. Means was candid and honest “going to jail saved my life” was just one the powerful statements he made during the interview. While he isn’t proud of his past, it’s a part of him, and has forged who he is today, and he wouldn’t change it a bit.

Once over the hump of legal troubles, the prodigal fighter returned home to the FIT NHB team, Tom and Arlene. Tim had figured a lot of things out while he was gone. Now a father to daughter Alexis, and committed to girlfriend Brenda, fighting took on a whole new meaning; it would become how he supports his family and pays his mortgage. “I’m not good at anything else, I’m good at fighting” explained Means while talking about the importance of taking his skills to the next level. “There’s no more drinking beer all weekend and showing up to train on Monday like the old days”. He’s a professional athlete and for the last 3 years, treats his body and mind as such. Strict diet, nutrition, and training, are just some of the keys, to his success. Things in life and fighting keep charging forward for Tim. Hardships, and harder work have sharpened him to the dangerous professional he is today. He’s poised and ready for the next stage. Keep an eye out for “The Dirty Bird” on February 15th, as the river flows into the rapids of the UFC.

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