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Warehouse Rumble

Chavez Productions is kicking off their first event at the Wool Warehouse in Albuquerque on February 24th. The YDI Wool Warehouse, is located at 516 1st Ave. in Albuquerque.

Main Event:
Matthew Baca vs. Roswell’s John Herrera.

Brandi Montoya (1-2) vs. Amber Brown. ( Debut)

Leonardo Sanchez (2-0) vs. Aaron Fernandez (2-6)
Cristian Cabral (1-0) vs. Andre Galarza (debut)
Alan Sanchez (2-1) vs.  Antonio Garcia (1-1).
Eric “Buddy Holly” Henson (0-2) vs. Eric Gonzales (debut)
Isaac Gurule vs. Julio Gomez (both fighters making debut)


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