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Fight Recap: Evolution, BAMMA and UFC

Evolution :
Evolution Facebook Page: Facebook

Paco Castillo def Angel Castillo by Split Decision
Adrian Cruz def Gilbert Cuhen by TKO at 4:16 of Rd 1
Brad Nordquist def Eric Kucevic by RNC at 3:39 of Rd 2
Daniel Pinheiro def Filiberto Martinez by RNC at 2:10 of Rd 1

Amateur MMA
Jeremiah Cullum def Jonathon Lopez by Heel Hook at :57 of Rd 2
Roy Saucedo def Tanner Varela by RNC at 2:59 of Rd 1
Marc Hightower def John Sparks by Split Decision
Mike Escobar def Peter Bouton by Split Decision
Harvey Suarez def Eric Bailon by TKO  at 2:11 of Rd 2
Anthony Rozema def Matt Gonzales by TKO at 2:05 of Rd 1
Christion Reyes def Justin Dudley by TKO at 2:22 of Rd 2
Jorrel Sparenberg def Andres Ramirez by Unanimous Decision

Albuquerque’s  Joey Villasenor (Shedog) (Twitter) (Facebook) suffered a first round loss at 00:48  to Jim Wallhead (Sherdog).  This was Joey’s second fight at 170.

IFBA (Boxing):
IFBA Article
Albuquerque’s Jodie Esquibel (Twitter) fought Ji-Hyun Park for the Minimum Weight Title.  After 10 rounds in the ring Park was the victor. 

Sherdog Play-by-Play


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